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A new hot melt sealant for insulated glazing developed. Its properties being improved as compared to earlier versions. E.g., density reduced, thermal stability enhanced.


Prices of the HOTMELT sealant for insulated glazing being eased.


A new, handy siliconised box 7 kg for HotMelt insulated glass units' edge sealant. A domestic product, as usual.


The component structure of the highly effective conservation oil MAYAKOR has been modified by the Institute. This modification solves troubles with some obsolete components, and improves hygienic properties of the oil.


The HotMelt edge sealant GSPK-D for insulated glass units is from now on mainly black coloured. This enables the possibility of easy transfer to/from foreign materials of the same kind, and with this some physical properties have been improved, too, e.g. tensile strength.


The film-forming inhibited ML-class liquid NG-216 now due to be replaced with a newer and more effective PINS-AT.


A new, extra bio-resistant modification of the HotMelt edge sealant for insulated glass units is developed.


The popular Russian scientific-technology magazine "Oil Processing and Petrochemistry" is now on the web. Congratulations to our respected Journal.


Another year's gone.. Though it was a bit hard and heavy for us, most of what was intended to do has been done. We're glad to wish all our friends and colleagues who worked with us or just plan to work, A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
All the best to everyone. We'll start working again at eleventh of january.


The Third International Symposium dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Russian Gubkin Oil and Gas University and 75th birthday of professor Z.Syuniayev. We're participants.. >>


A new, more effective unit producing Hot Melt glass edge secondary sealant is to be built. Construction has begun recently.. >>


Students' research and educational work due to begin now on our pilot plant.. >>


This site is now available on the web, yet in russian only. The english and finnish versions are to be put into operation as soon as they're completed. Meanwhile, read it please in russian, or contact us.

The NPP HimKompozit Co. Ltd is
a Russian Research and Production Company specialized in design and production of multi-component petrochemical products.

The main activity is production of special products as sealants for insulated glass units, special lube and conservation oils, film-forming inhibited liquids, corrosion protective materials, additives etc.

  There are pilot plants of different capacity available, designed to model processes dealing with liquids of high and extra-high viscosity (non-newtonian fluids).
This anables a good instrumental research work. Besides studying the produced multi-component petrochemical mixed products, we solve other important tasks, e.g. research in the field of ageing of heavy oil residues and their combinations with compatible polymers and resins, and also the adhesion of these systems to badly suitable substrates.

As we're doing all our best to produce composites compatible with modern foreign products of the same kind, we use both domestic and imported components within the structure of materials produced. This enables good quality of the composites, low prices and possibility to get all the properties needed in each case of use.
Russia, Moscow, Entuziastov highway, 40, ph. +74959722742, e-mail

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