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The HimKompozit VNIINP Limited Company is a research-and-production enterprise established by the Russian scientific research institute on petroleum refining (VNIINP), on the territory of its former experimental/industrial plant in Moscow. The primary goal of the enterprise is the development and production of high technology petrochemical products, and various composites in particular. These products and materials into their complex formula include various classes of chemical substances. Therefore, keeping optimal productТs properties always needs application of the scientific-practical experience which has been obtained by different directions of applied petrochemistry. Our enterprise is formed by a leading branch scientific research institute with a long-term history and huge amount of scientific products worked out, therefore in its scientific-practical activities the HKV uses a system approach based on principles of colloid chemistry and physical-chemical mechanics of disperse systems, polymer chemistry, rheology and rheo-kinetics of petrochemical processes. Special attention is given to problems of ecological hazard reduction by application of petrochemical products. The activity of the company in cooperation with other scientific-industrial enterprises of our respected branch gives some support to national petrochemistry and allows to save it in conditions of tough competition with foreign technologies and products, and somewhat slow technical policy of the government.

Russia, Moscow, Entuziastov highway, 40, ph. +74959722742, e-mail

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