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The company evolves a question of ecological safety increase of production and application of petrochemical products especially. Our experts have dealt for a long time with this problem and have reached here some success. As a rule, such products as composite mastics, glues, sealing compounds, protective materials, anyhow carry an essential ecological hazard since they are complex multicomponent mixtures of various substances. Many products work in direct contact to the person. Thus, structure of materials and conditions of processes of their production should be picked carefully up such that the ecological severity at production and application of a ready composite becomes minimal. That defines a complete refusal of obviously toxic components in formulas of compositions and organization of the wasteless technology with full recycle of by-products, neutralization of up-gases etc. These actions are carried out at the production of all HKV products.
Many composites developed earlier cannot meet tough ecological demands, both according to their production technology, and to hygienic properties of ready product. TodayТs realities are not good, and for this reason some technological and component conclusions require serious revision. It is necessary to replace environmentally not quite satisfactory components, yet not worsening properties of a finished thing. The position becomes even worse with the fact that at ours many petroleum products, polymers, resins, additives are manufactured by monopolists. Nevertheless we are always intended by saving the ecological characteristic of our products not to lose quality parameters, but to improve them reasonably.

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