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Our enterprise leads now research work on optimization of the developed products' formulas, and on studying oxidizing and ultra-violet ageing of the composites including heavy oil residues, natural resins and mostly widespread polymers, and search on methods to suppress these processes.
On this issue in our speciality magazine "Oil processing and petrochemistry" No.8/2004 an article is published recently by the HKV authors, by the name "Getting rid of bitumen in composite building materials of special use", in which the general approach to working out formulas of modern materials is described, and the role of bitumen as a thermoplastic matrix for some special products is shown, too.

Another important direction of our research work is improving adhesion of bitumen binders to bad substrates as so-called red granite, the sour stone material which combines with blown bitumen very badly. In this case not only giving surface-active additives is concerned, but some other ways to activate the binder are being studied.

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