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Primary Butyl Sealant GSPK-B

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Initial sealant GSPK-B for insulated glazing is a traditional product, to which there is no replacement in modern windows production. It is a plastic substance having very high adhesion to glass as also to aluminium and polycarbonate. The compound is to be put onto spacers by special inventory, a butyl extruder, before fastening spacer with glass. In composition a new non-polluting superfine mineral filler is applied which allows to improve hygiene of production and application of the material essentially. The material has an extra-flat viscosity-temperature curve, and wide plasticity range. Here, as well as in composition of the secondary Hotmelt sealant GSPK-D, elastomers not inclined to ageing are applied (mainly polyisobutylene), and hygienically secure plastifier and stabiliser. It is produced as cylinders of different diameter (as shown below), for most applications is suitable a size of 7kg, ∅190mm, or 2.5kg, ∅135mm.

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