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Highly effective conservation oil MAYAKOR

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Conservation oil MAYAKOR is intended for long-term corrosion protection of black and non-ferrous metals, e.g. metal sheets, stored in hard and very hard conditions. Besides this, the product is effective in acidic atmosphere. Composition of the oil provides absence of corrosion at storage in especially rigid conditions - one year, in rigid conditions - more than five years. The K-17 oil, lubricant PVK and rust inhibitor AKOR-1 cannot guarantee these terms of protection.

Conservation oil MAYAKOR has a good water-removing ability. Use of this product allows to carry out conservation without any preliminary surface treatment for surfaces with small and medium contamination. It is put upon the protected surface by dipping or pouring at ambient temperature. Preheating up to 40∞— is possible to economise the product's use.

The conservation oil MAYAKOR is made of oxidated and nitrated hydrocarbons, antioxidant, polymeric additives and mineral oil. It is a low-toxic product of the fourth danger class.

The oil has passed all-round laboratory, pilot and full-scale tests. It is allowed to application for motor and automotive plants.

The physical/chemical properties of the conservation oil MAYAKOR are:

1. Kinematic viscosity at 100∞C, mm2/sec



2. Freezing point, ∞C, not higher than



3. Protection: time before corrosion begins, days



- in heated vapour box G-4



     Steel 45



     Copper M-1

     Cast-iron SCh-20   100
- in sea water    
     Steel 45     160
     Copper M-1   102
     Cast-iron SCh-20   104
- in salty fog box    
     Steel 45   12
     Copper M-1   12
     Cast-iron SCh-20   8
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