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Why is the HKV going in for developing and producing high technology petrochemical products?

Certainly our enterprise isn't unique among a large number of companies occupied in this kind of activity. However, our company and all the similar enterprises are of an essential difference: the Russian scientific research institute on petroleum refining has affluent traditions in development of formulations and production technology of various petrochemical products which are widely applied in industry: film-forming inhibited petroleum materials, protective water-removing substances, special lubricating oils (as the well-known two-cycle motor oil M-12TP), a wide spectrum of oil additives, special liquids and many other products of petrochemistry. Some of such products (in particular of the complicated component structure) are either not produced any more in our country for different reasons, or production of them is performed not up to the mark, and furthermore there is no authors' supervision on their production. It happened in such a way, for example, with the ML-class inhibited liquid Movil', which was developed by the Institute. This product was produced earlier by two large plants only, under a tough control of the state and the developer. Now this name became nominal, and under that well known name a number of firms offer to the consumer various mixtures which can be vaguely similar or having nothing common at all with the real inhibited material Movil'. For this reason our company in addition to development of new products does a work of modification of tested and approved formulations of petrochemical composites, those which are well-known and working good.
There are qualified experts-petrochemists on duty in the HKV who have got experience in this field of knowledge and are able to solve problems encountered at the research of petrochemical composite materials for various purposes.

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