The Third international Symposium Oil Disperse Systems-2004.

The international symposium Oil disperse systems-2004, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Russian Gubkin University on oil and gas and to the 75th birthday of professor Zagidulla Sjuniayev, founder of the scientific and pedagogical direction called Physicochemical basis and technology of oil disperse systems, now becoming traditional, has gathered this time many known scientists of the national oil processing and petrochemistry. Representatives of the Ufa oil processing society, experts on heavy petroleum residues, who had been familiar to prof. Syuniayev personally, made reports.
Our enterprise in its research investigations and industrial activity applies elements of prof. Syuniayevs theory directly, working with heavy residues and various compositions on oil basis. All the products were dealing with are the composite disperse systems having non-monotonous correlations of their physicochemical properties. And as some of us have taken lessons of this somewhat specific person whos unfortunately died three years ago, we had to participate in the Symposium, and have presented theses of our two reports: Replacement of bitumen in composites and Ageing aspects of the oxidated bitumens obtained from feedstock including cracking residues.
There was a friendly atmosphere of experts' dialogue, respected veterans, post-graduates and students among them.

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