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Film-forming inhibited oil composition NG-222 is produced in two different types: A and B. The A-type is intended for increase of aircraft rust resistance. To processing the internal compartments of planes are exposed. Application of the NG-222 type A composition is possible for protection of planes' external surfaces, but limited areas only.

The NG-222 type B is intended for conservation of those sections of the machinery which are hidden or difficult to reach, and also for external conservation of machines and mechanisms at their storage without re-conservation in warehouses, under a deck, in pack, during transportation and operation, for a period from 3 till 15 years, depending on various climatic conditions. The NG-222 of both types is allowed to application by the Russian standard "Temporary anti-corrosion protection. General requirements".

The NG-222 composition is put onto the surface to be protected by a method of air dispersion, dipping, or using a brush. Relative quantity of the type A material due to be given on the surface is 0,12-0,16 kg/m2, and the type B - 0,05-0,08 kg/m2.

Temperature range of protecting film of both types of the composition: from +70 down to -40. The NG-222 composition is classified by its influence on human organism as low-hazardous substance (the fourth class of danger).


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