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Kaksitahtimoottoriljy M-12TP

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M-12TP, 1 litre can Motor oil M-12TP has passed tests and is allowed for application in motorcycles, gasoline saws, snowmobiles, outboards, motor-blocks, cultivators and other two-cycle motors.

In comparison with other motor oils this oil rises the engine resource up to 15-20%. It is to be applied in 1:50 ratio with fuel, according to the engine assignment.

Serviceability at temperatures + - 40C.

Provides a 60 percent reduction of toxic compounds and smoke in exhaust gases.

Lube oil is developed and patented by the Russian scientific research institute on oil refining (VNII NP).

Physical and chemical properties of low-ash motor oil M-12TP for two-cycle engines:

Kinematic viscosity at 100C, mm2/s: 11,0-12,0
Mass ash content (sulphate), %, not higher than: 0,3
Alkaline number, mg KOH on 1g of oil, not less than: 2,3
Freezing point, C, not higher than: minus 15
Mass content of mechanical impurities, %, not more than: 0,015
Mass content of water, %, not more than: Traces
Density at 20C, kg/m3, not higher than: 900

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